Made for Porpentine's Divination Jam :) The idea was to let divine providence steer the design.


I wrote headers for each portion of my game, act1, act2 etc. and 3 possibilities for each, just the first thing that came into my head. The quest ideas were mostly based on stuff that was sitting on my desk at the time.

I then rolled my d3, which is just a d6 which someone has only furnished with the numbers 1-3 making it strictly less useful than a normal d6. Anyway I rolled once for the quest, 2 acts, boss and outcome, and made the game that came out of it - enjoy!*

The music was made using bosca ceoil, which is great as it turns out

*hopefully you can figure out which options I rolled by playing the game. If you can't I've not done a very good job.

Chosen by the divine:

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